Record Number of Texas Health Care physicians recognized as 2014 “Top Doctors” in Fort Worth, Texas: The City’s Magazine

APRIL 1, 2014

Texas Health Care is proud to congratulate a record number of its members who have been recognized as 2014 “Top Doctors” in the April edition of Fort Worth, Texas: The City’s Magazine. This year a total of 43 Texas Health Care physicians, spanning 15 different specialties and practice areas, have received the “Top Doctors” honor.

To select the physicians who are included in the “Top Doctors” list, the magazine sends an annual voluntary survey to more than 4,500 Tarrant County physicians, asking them to list the colleagues they believe to be the best in a variety of fields. The list includes doctors in Fort Worth and the greater Tarrant County area.

Fourteen of the Texas Health Care physicians who have been recognized are members of the John Peter Smith (JPS) Hospital surgical unit. The public-private partnership between JPS and Texas Health Care affords patients some of the best surgical care in North Texas, delivered in a public hospital setting. At the same time, taxpayers benefit from the unique value that Texas Health Care surgeons deliver to the hospital.

“We congratulate all of our members who have been recognized as 2014 ‘Top Doctors,’” said Michael Korenman, M.D., one of Texas Health Care’s Board members. “Each and every one of our physicians is dedicated to providing excellent care to their patients, and it is gratifying to see their work recognized by our peers,” he added.

The Texas Health Care 2014 “Top Doctors” are:

Breast Surgery

Anita Chow*

Joseph Heyne*

Cardiac/Thoracic Surgery

James Anderson*

Reza Khalafi*


Scott E. Ewing

Colon/Rectal Surgery

Jason Allen

Eduardo Castillo*

Lori Gordon*

Glen Hooker

Paul R. Senter

Britton West*

Cosmetic Surgery

Yadro Ducic*

Larry Reaves*

Jesse Smith*

General Surgery

John Mark Bayouth*

John Birbari

L. Scott Bloemendal

Antonio Castaneda

Mark F. Collins

John Crawford

Travis Crudup


Cynthia English

Bea Kutzler

Jennifer Motley

Larry Tatum

Internal Medicine

Charles Carlton

Norman A. Davenport

Craig Dearden

Jason Ledbetter

Amber Lesley


Carlos Bahrami


Harry Rosenthal

Orthopedic Surgery

Stephen Brotherton

Nathan Lesley

Ryan Reardon

Eric Wroten

Mark Wylie


Ricardo Cristobal*

Yadro Ducic*

John Fewins

Todd E. Samuelson

Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery

Larry Reaves*

Sports Medicine

Steven J. Meyers

Vascular Surgery

James Anderson*

Harshal Broker*

David Stroman*

*Denotes THC member who is part of the John Peter Smith Hospital surgical unit